What Are The Benefits Of Tiling?

canberra tiling and bathrooms

Changing the tiles of the bathroom is the part of the renovation. We know that no renovation or changing of a house is complete without having working in the bathrooms. Tilings play a vital role in the overall look of the bathroom renovations in canberra. People like to have tiles on the floor, as they are secured and durable. The risk of slipping on the wet floor are less as there are special tiles designed for the bathroom floor. Their surface is not flat, and hence does not support a foot to slip.

The Advantages

Many other factors force us to have tiles on the floor. Let us have a look at those factors.

  • Heat Resistant

They are heat resistant. We know that power failure or short circuit can happen anywhere as it is a part of accidents and they are meant to happen after all the precautionary measures. The good news is that tiles are heat resistant and they do not catch fire.

  • Water Resistant

Tiles are water resistant and they do not allow water to penetrate in the floor. The water floats over the surface of the tiles and eventually they protect the pipelines under the ground. This factor tempts the people to have the floor tiling in the bathrooms and house while renovation.

  • Easy to Clean

We can maintain them easily. The cleaning is so easy. We do not have to put many efforts in cleaning the tiles. A damp cloth and tiles cleaner can do the job. We do not have to call the professionals to come home and clean the floor.

  • Long Term Investment

The material of tiles is durable and it is a onetime investment. When we change the tiles then we do not have to worry about them for next 10 years. They remain, as it is as new. We do not need to change them. We can live with them eve longer.

  • Huge Variety Available

There is a huge variety of tiles available in the market. We can choose the best option for us according to the theme and the colour of the room. Some people like to have the tiles according to the theme of the room.

  • Option of Customisation

We can make them customised according to our choice. We can choose the colour, size and pattern according to our needs and requirements.

  • Easy to Install

The installation of the tiles is easy. It does not take much time and efforts to install them.

So, if you want to buy the facilities of tiling and bathrooms in canberra, then contact bathroom renovations. We have the best options available for you at very good prices. Call us now for more details.

Why Choose Newquay Homes

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Having a home of your dream is the best wish that can be fulfilled for anyone because everyone loves to live at a place which is beautiful and aesthetic and everyone even dreams of such place, most of the people have a small place of what they think that they cannot make it good looking but the fact is that it does not matter whether the place is small or large in area, the thing which matters the most is the decoration and the construction of the house because any place whether it is small or big in area, can be made aesthetic because of the construction which means that construction is the only thing which matters if one wants a good house. If you are looking forward for a new home where you can live in peace and with style then you should choose a new home builder in moonee ponds which provides you with the best new construction for your home, if you want to choose the best new home builder then you have no better option than Newquay Homes, we are the best new home builders in town as we are providing you with the best services of building your new home with the best and the modern designs so that you can live with style. Here are some of the facts that make us different from other construction companies or new home builders:

Modern designs:

We are providing you with the best and the most modern designs that are trendy in the market, we believe that we should provide you with something modern so that you can live with style and you can live with the trend as well, we care about you and your reputation and we make your house in such a way that when your guests come to your house they get impressed with your choice and your house.

Experienced builders:

We are one of the most experienced new home builders that are providing you with the best work, we have been working in this field since a long time and since the beginning of our firm, we have always satisfied each of our customers and they are now living happily in their new homes.


We believe that when we take money from you to offer you the service that we have promised you, then we believe that we are in your debt and this is why we try our best to provide you with the best quality work that we have promised and also we strive to reach to the level of your expectations so that you can be happy as well.

Newquay Homes is the best choice for you whether it is a small or a big project, we are the best new home builder in strathmore for your new home. If you want to know more about us, then you should contact us right now or you can also visit our website.