Advanced Lawn And Landscape Solutions

Having a beautiful lawn or garden can make your home look more luxurious. Even if you have a limited outdoor space, the beauty of your lawn depends on how well you care for it. Although conventional lawn care practices are time-consuming, they are generally considered to be more eco-friendly. For resolving this issue, new-age experts have designed a few innovative lawn and landscaping ideas. Listed below are a few advanced lawn care tips that can simplify your lawn care problems.

  • Insect management
    Insects and grubs are a part of our natural ecosystem. However, when their population exceeds the normal limits, they can cause damage to your turfs. These grubs can draw nutrition from the roots and thereby damage your lawn. Modern lawn experts believe in adopting certain timely preventive measures so as to create a healthy habitat for your plant life. They often make use of organic sprays that merely repel these bugs and insects. These solutions are considered fully safe for children and pets. Alternatively, you can opt for a awesome DIY fake grass that doesn’t attract any kind of grubs or insects.
    • Core aeration
      A soil that is rich in nutrients and moisture doesn’t require any kind of man-made fertilizer or pesticide. Such turfs are naturally tough enough to draw nutrition from their surroundings and look green throughout the year. However, a dry and crusty lawn can be revived with the process of core aeration. The procedure is carried out with the help of a lawn aerator that creates tiny pores in the soil. These pores easily draw in water and nutrients from the surface. Thus, it helps the grasses and plants to grow taller and stronger. Aerated soil remains loose for many days and it slowly gets firm over time. Most of the lawn experts adopt this technique to restore a dry and patchy lawn. Further, they make use of organic fertilizers made of plant wastes and decomposed organic matter.
      • Synthetic lawns
        Synthetic turfs are made of synthetic fibers that are manufactured especially for creating various types of grasses. High-quality fake turf installers Brisbane are used for holding the layer of artificial grass blades tightly to the ground. These synthetic turfs look as real as natural ones, but they do not require any kind of lawn care practices. However, you would need to clean them once in a while to keep out all the dust and dirt. Homeowners who are too busy to take care of their lawns often prefer artificial turfs as they do not require any kind of regular maintenance or watering. Such turfs are ideal for designing outdoor areas surrounding swimming pools and ponds. They are also perfect for designing large gardens. Most of the modern landscape architects make use of such artificial turfs for creating beautiful and lush green backgrounds for their flower beds, ponds, and fountains.